Personal English Tutors

Personal English Tutors specialises in providing intensive homestay English teaching. We offer unique, tailored professional English language courses combined with a total immersion living and learning experience.

P.E.T. was established in 1989 and successfully provides students with personalised experiences across England with a focus on University City, Oxford and the bustling city of London.

Our key beliefs are that:

  • The most effective way to learn English is by being taught according to your own individual needs, at your own speed through one-to-one teaching
  • For successful learning, the environment has to be comfortable, relaxed and provide unlimited access to your teachers expertise – living with your teacher is the best way
  • Language skills are best learnt through total immersion in the English language, through living in England with an English host person or family to make the fastest possible progress

P.E.T. caters for students from all over the world that are aged sixteen and older.  We are experts at matching students to the right teachers to ensure the best possible experience and learning outcomes for the students.

We welcome students that are beginners in learning English to advanced levels.  Our specialised courses such as Business English and industry specific courses (such as Air Traffic Control) are very popular.


We have a diverse range of teachers in order to tailor the right experience for every student studying through P.E.T.

All of our teachers are experienced, qualified and highly regarded language teachers. At P.E.T we work only with teachers who share our values, commitment and the ability to provide students with a quality and unique home stay experience. We have a variety of teachers, enabling us to provide students with many different experiences depending on what is required.

A few of our teachers

Jani is a well qualified tutor with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in computer science and a Certificate in English Language Teaching. She has experience teaching both general English and Business English, including one-to-one home tuition. Jani is a very sociable person and her interests include walking, yoga, gym, gardening, cycling, swimming and the cinema. The family have two elderly cats and a Spaniel dog.

Rosemary and her husband have two children, both of whom are now attending university. They also have two friendly dogs. Rosemary is a qualified and experienced teacher who has an Honours degree in Psychology. Her interests include walking, photography, reading, Sudoku and gardening. This is a caring family who will make you feel very much at home during your stay.

Gary has a wide range of language skills and many years of experience in one-to-one teaching in English, German and French at all ages and levels. Gary’s qualifications include an MA in German, a BA in German and French, and an MBA in business translating and customer relations. Gary enjoys teaching both teenagers and business clients. The family have a wide range of interests including languages, travel, music, tennis, skiing and golf. They have no pets and this is a non-smoking household.

Cynthia specialises mainly in one-to-one English tutoring for business English, Professional English, and English for exams (Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS etc). She has a versatile and flexible approach to her student’s learning which allows her to draw out the best from them. Between them, Cynthia and her husband have a broad range of interests and activities which include art and history, museums and galleries, country fairs and the countryside, fly fishing, gardens and gardening, painting, music, film and theatre, open air concerts and events and world and current affairs.


Dr Liz Fox

Liz is a qualified teacher in Higher Education with more than fifteen years of teaching and personal tutoring experience at a ‘top ten’ British University.  Liz’s own learning and teaching experience means that she understands the needs of students for whom English is not their first language. Her extensive experience working with learners of all ages means that Personal English Tutors understands the importance of matching students with teachers for their stay in England.

Liz holds a B.A. (Hons) and a Ph.D. in Social Policy from the University of Nottingham. She has extensive experience in education and policy research. She is immersed in a high standard of teaching and is committed to the selection of high quality teachers who are able to offer students the best experience of learning and living in England.

Having grown up in the South of England, Liz lives in the Midlands with her husband. Three of her five children live in Sydney, Australia, the other two in the Midlands of England. In her spare time, Liz works with educational organisations in the voluntary sector. Liz also enjoys running, gardening and the arts and spending time with her grandchildren.