How many shards do you need for the move tutor in platinum?

Sadie Aufderhar asked a question: How many shards do you need for the move tutor in platinum?
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In Pokémon Platinum, in addition to the Move Tutors in Diamond and Pearl, three new Move Tutors are added, in Snowpoint City, on Route 212, and in the Survival Area. These Move Tutors accept shards in return for their services, charging eight shards of various colors per move.


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📜 Where can you find shards for move tutor in platinum?

you get them from underground, random spots, or you can trade star pieces for a set of 1 shard of each color.

📜 Where is move tutor in platinum?

the move tutor is in pastoria city where crasher wake's gym is at

📜 Pokemon platinum where to find move tutor?

There is one on Route 212, snowpoint city & the survival area

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Where is the yellow shards move tutor in pokemon black 2?

The Yellow Shard Move Tutor in Black 2 can be found in Humilau City.

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How do you get a move tutor in pokemon platinum?

  • While these tutors can teach their move more than once to a particular Pokemon, a necessary requirement is that your Pokemon must be above a certain happiness quota. Use the Poketch to check your Pokemon's happiness.

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Can the move tutor in platinum teach the same move more than one time?

Yes the move tutor can teach the same move over and over again as long as it is a high enough level. EXAMPLE: A level 30 staravia can learn quick attack over again so long as it doesn't know the move at that particular moment. If you have anymore questions please e-mail me at [email protected]

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Is there a move tutor in pokemon platinum who teaches seismic toss?


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Where are the move tutors in platinum?

Try this address: Where_is_the_move_tutor_on_pokemon_platinum

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Where can i find the shards tutor guide?

  • Welcome to the shards tutor guide. Tutor's location : north of 6 island. Shard's location : wild (underwater). Spite : 1 blue shard. String-Shot : 1 blue shard. Snore : 1 blue shard. Swift : 2 blue shards. Skill Swap : 2 blue shards. Trick : 2 blue shards. Hypervoice : 2 blue shards. Snatch : 2 blue shards. Role Play : 2 blue shards.

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Pokemon platinum where is the tutor?

There are two tutors (that I've found). One is in Snowpoint, and the other is in the house between Pastoria and Hearthome.

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Are there any move tutors in pokemon platinum?

  • Cat. There are two move tutors in Diamond/Pearl: a woman on Route 210 teaches Draco Meteor to any Dragon-type Pokémon; and a tutor on Route 228 teaches moves to any of the 12 starter Pokémon from the various games. Cat. In Platinum there are three main move tutors, plus the same two from Diamond/Pearl.

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Do you need a tutor for every move?

  • Each Move Tutor however special requirements such as the Pokemon being taught being in a basic stage and the sort. Others need a form of payment such as a Heart Scale. Some moves can also be taught when the player exchanges BP (Battle Points) in certain areas.

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Where is the red shard tutor in platinum?

In Pokémon Platinum, in addition to the Move Tutors in Diamond and Pearl, three new Move Tutors are added, in Snowpoint City, on Route 212, and in the Survival Area.

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How many moves does a move tutor spawn?

  • there are 58 moves the move tutor spawns with 4 moves not counting event move tutors. Am assuming that the spawn for tutors is 1% which is pretty low chance of getting the move you want. Its not a challenge... Its rng, people shouldn't need to rely purely on luck for a move. Posted Sep 30, 18 · OP · Last edited Sep 30, 18 by PoisonInse...

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How many times can you use move tutor?

Normal Move Tutors

These can only be taught once.

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Move tutor pearl?

Pastoria City

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Where do you find all the move tutors in pokemon platinum?

The Move Tutors are in Snowpoint City, Pastoria City, the Survival Area and within Route 212 however the Pastoria Move Tutor is the one who teaches your Pokémon moves that it either forgot or that it was unable to learn due to being caught after the level in which it learned the attacks.

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What is move tutor?

Move Tutors are important NPCs that teach your Pokémon special moves or moves they previously knew but forget… The Ultimate moves (Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Hydro Cannon) are extremely powerful moves for final starter evolutions that come at a cost; the Pokémon will need a turn to recharge after using them.

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Where is move tutor?

Move tutor is in Pastoria city. Outside are to men who look the same, if you see them your at the right home. Go inside and talk to him. BEWARE!! He will only make your Pokemon remember a move IF you have the all wanted HEART SCALE.

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Can a move tutor teach you a move?

  • Like TMs, moves can only be taught to Pokémon that are compatible with them. If the "allowEventMoveTutors" config setting is enabled, move tutors will also be able to randomly select from the "event tutor moves" list when choosing which moves to teach.

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Can raichu move tutor moves?

  • A colored abbreviation in a white box indicates that Raichu cannot be tutored the move in that game Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Raichu Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Raichu Click on the generation numbers at the top to see Move Tutor moves from other generations

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Can you move tutor sketch?

Yes, it can relearn Sketch, as it is a move(the only) Smeargle learns by level up. You cannot, however, relearn moves that were learned using Sketch. Hope this helped!

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How does move tutor work?

move tutor pokemon sword

Introduced in Pokémon Crystal, move tutors are certain characters throughout the regions that can teach moves to your Pokémon they don't normally learn. Some teach moves for free, while others require some form of payment like colored shards or Battle Points.

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Is there a move tutor?

  • A Move Tutor is a non-player character who will teach a Pokémon moves that are not normally able to be learned through level up, TMs, or HMs. They are not to be confused with Move Reminders . There are currently many Move Tutors in the game, however three of them are limited to a small group or just one Pokémon.

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Kanto where is move tutor?

Sevii Islands

A Move Tutor (Japanese: 技教え人 Move Teacher) is a non-player character who will teach a Pokémon specific moves. Move Tutors are found in Kanto (including the Sevii Islands), Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar and the Pokémon Stadium. They are not to be confused with Move Reminders.

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Move tutor in pokemon firered?

On Island Two of the Sevii Islands.

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What is the move tutor?

move tutor can teach your Pokemon moves it will learn in the future or has forgotten, but usually for a price, such as mushrooms, heart scales, etc.

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Where is diamond move tutor?

move tutor pixelmon move tutor platinum

Route 228

There are two Move Tutors in Sinnoh—one on Route 228 and one on Route 210.

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